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Do you play Visual Novel games? Do you know the ff. anime titles like Clannad, Kanon and Shuffle? They started as a Visual Novel game before they turned into anime. DNML is a freeware visual novel engine for creating visual novel games. I can't believe DNML is 10 years old, I inherited it from Karin (I dunno where he/she is now) way back in Japan. A lot of things happened especially on the internet (irc to im, social networking, PS1 to PS3, GBC to DS, Imac to MacAir). A lot of doujin creators in Japan don't know anything about me but I'm happy they are such a patriot they are still using
DNML, I just googled at although in what I believe there is more superior. For
those who are interested the resources are still up. I will update this from time to time :P

DNM Resources in English

Watching Welcome to the NHK reminds me of DNML and Enix(Square-Enix) which was a small hentai game company before. Yeah right <sigh> maybe my own video game company is just a dream for me :P

Video: Welcome to the NHK…
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odairedez Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! The link for the game is dead. Could you use another site to post this engine in English? ^^
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