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Welcome to my Deviant Art homepage or should I say Still and Moving Pictures ( My interest ranges from Graphic Design, 3D, Software Engineering, Game Design Photography, High Definition and Visual Effects, Drawing, Sound Mixing, Web Design & Development.

CD/DVD Copy Protection Project (Break Edge-9)…

DNML: 10 years of Doujin Visual Novel…

Emulation and Video game Translation…
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Hi I'm not sure if I'm going to bring this up or what...Video Game Fan Translation...yes for me it's just a distant memory or a waste of time??? The reason why I (or we) left was because we are completely ignored. Maybe because we claimed we are the first romhackers or game fan translators(we respect other's claims like Archaic Ruins). We romhacked (with our very own method) and translated (even in Tagalog, our own language) "EMIT" around 1994 to 1995 for the SuperNes. What we had before was a SNES game copier (Super UFO), snes and a 486 ibm-pc compatible.  

About Emit:

check the whole translated EMIT series:
Emit 1
Emit 2
Emit 3

Tools used:
aileen documentation...I wonder who wrote this???
Norton Disk Editor version 8
would these programs run on dual/quad core systems? lol i dunno...

Participation on other projects (I am known as Jmigs):
Sailormoon Another Story - I am the rom editor before Fu So Ya, it was not a separate/competing project.
Romancing Saga 3 - rom editor before Disnesquick.

Currently I can't wait for:
Front Mission 5
Fatal Frame 4
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Do you play Visual Novel games? Do you know the ff. anime titles like Clannad, Kanon and Shuffle? They started as a Visual Novel game before they turned into anime. DNML is a freeware visual novel engine for creating visual novel games. I can't believe DNML is 10 years old, I inherited it from Karin (I dunno where he/she is now) way back in Japan. A lot of things happened especially on the internet (irc to im, social networking, PS1 to PS3, GBC to DS, Imac to MacAir). A lot of doujin creators in Japan don't know anything about me but I'm happy they are such a patriot they are still using
DNML, I just googled at although in what I believe there is more superior. For
those who are interested the resources are still up. I will update this from time to time :P

DNM Resources in English

Watching Welcome to the NHK reminds me of DNML and Enix(Square-Enix) which was a small hentai game company before. Yeah right <sigh> maybe my own video game company is just a dream for me :P

Video: Welcome to the NHK…
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6/26 Update: C'mon break the edge9 read below before I present this to Japan.

Oh hello there, maybe you guys are wondering, what the hell are those files for?
These files are re-mix to 5.1. So are you Happy you'd downloaded these files? Here's a comment from Linkin Park's vocals - Mike Shinoda regarding the leak of their 3rd album on the internet.… (under Leak)

I hope Linkin Park have/had read this journal because when I went to their official forums, I don't know their nicks. I should check Chester's forum later. Most people don't really care on album covers, pictures and sound quality (If you're a true fan, you should appreciate them). What's important for them is they can put those copyrighted media on their portable devices or worst burn them back to another CD. How neat huh? Leak or "pre-retail release" is too "20th century", it's the "culture" of these Internet-release groups whether it's music, video games, books (bleh!), movies and porn. Speaking of porn, A research was conducted about a p2p network of Japanese porn...hell breaks's a "tsunami" of dowloaders from China and some neighboring "yellow-skinned" leechers (hey i'm not a racist does it sound derogatory?). Does BTchina sounds scary to you? Can we really stop "illegal" p2p in China?  

Sound Quality
I base my comparisons thru Unplugged versions (I know Alan Parsons (he's better than Guthrie), I don't have any of his works and I'm not sure if I'm going to like it because obviously I don't belong to their generation). I have all the versions of Nirvana and Corrs Unplugged (DTS, 128kbps mp3, AudioCD, AC3 and cassette tape.) They sound almost the same except for the mp3 and tape versions. What's missing? I don't have the luxury to go to New York just to listen to their live performances and I was still a kid during those times. SACD and DVD-A failed to deliver that you feel you are actually there (though SACD advertise that way by its DSD, megahertz and other crap), I'd read too much about the 44khz and the human ear's limits. Sounds funny? It's not hard to imagine what I'm saying, right? For Jazz and instrumentals well there's improvement but only a little. btw the perfect DTS that I heard is Eagles because I'd read somewhere that they performed and recorded "again" just for DTS. When you buy a guns n roses and nirvana dvds they are labeled "remix to DTS", the specification of "home-theater DTS" was not yet finalized in the early 90's. Please don't ask me about movies I already heard a .45 and a vintage WW2 rifle (the one I'm holding in the picture) and it's freakin loud, we fired it once. Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan can't even hold a glass of water :)   

Personal Firmware and Video games
I'm not sure how Ipod works but it should be this way, What Mr. X's "legally" downloaded from Itunes should not work with Mr. Y's Ipod. It could be done by making a "personal firmware and file format". Does the ipod work that way? oh sorry I don't know, I don't like ipod :) I've upgraded my psp so many times (from 1.5 to 3.90) I can say that DarkAlex/M33Team works "professionally". It's time for Sony to update their firmware with tighter security like my suggestion with Ipod (Mr. X's psp-isos should not work with Mr. Y's psp-isos and vice-versa...this would make isos legal) Sony should stop the distribution of firmware on the Internet (They should encrpyt flash0/1 a lot more better). With the Nintnedo DS they should fool the Rom dumper so that the size of their games are 99GB (not gigabit), it's an ancient problem since the Famicom. That being said I'm still hanging out with Dark Alex's moderated forums, I wonder if they read everything that was written here XD

"Dude, you can't stop piracy"
Uh huh, Then prove to me that you're me a hyprocite for downloading all the japanese games, you may hate or curse me but I'm doing these "copy-protection crap" for the sake of SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. I like to see something that I learned from school and peers on the internet. It's time to harness the power of Software Engineering to kill PIRACY/Illegal Downloads.

I made these copy protections for


Uncopyable with DVD/Fab Decrypter/AnyDVD.
Crashes IFOedit and DVD Decrypter.
Secondary encryption for VOBs to prevent ripping, shrinking, modification and "DeMacrovision".
Fools the DVD-ROM drive by it's altered size. Too Big for HDDs and regular DVDRs.
*Prevents casual file copying  on hardrives by protecting the CSS code
*Prevents 1:1 image copying by protecting the CSS code.
Playable on most *DVD players from year 2001 to present and DVD-ROM drives.

Email( me for the link I will only respond to appropriate people.
私によってが適切な人々にだけ答えるリンクのための私に電子メールを送りなさい (。

BREAK Edge-9
I'm bored why don't you guys break edge9. CDfreaks or videohelp are open-community it's not only for back-up purposes
it's a home for developers like me (it isn't? then F* u! oh jk), what's the prize if you break it? maybe a print of :iconblackmagealodia: or :iconslumberdoll: oh I'm just kidding...the first on the list is slysoft anydvd. yeh please contact me right away i'll send the demo iso thanks! btw this is partially working because it has no CSS. ;)  a big F* goes to Lordsmurf of Videohelp.

Audio CD (preliminary):
This is my early work it's still copyable with Windows Media and some 90's software. The protection was based from my VCD protection in 2002. (please convert the wav into stereo)

Multi-format files(DivX, Xvid, mp3, al)

Greetingz to:
Razor1911 : PhrozenCrew : Rising Sun : Kalisto : Echelon : Replica watda f i'm jsut kidding!
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See my:
DS Games list…

DTS 5.1 surround mixes. These are my own optimized surround music files. You should have a 5.1 system with DTS decoder or VLC player for PCs. anyway it's still sounds great even in 2.0 channels. To download click the links.

Elfen Lied Lilium
Zetsubuo Symphony Track1
Zetsubuo Symphony Track 2
The Cure Boys Don't Cry

more later.

still updating
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Welcome to my Deviant Art homepage or should I say Still and Moving Pictures ( My interest ranges from Graphic Design, 3D, Software Engineering, Game Design Photography, High Definition and Visual Effects, Drawing, Sound Mixing, Web Design & Development.

edit 11/20
200 views yesterday?!

My simple Photo and Graphic Editing Skills:………………
more on my usb.

Photography - Heavily influenced by Thea, Tricia, Alodia and the rest of their friends like tinik, crissey et al. Thanks a lot gals good luck to your endeaveours ;)

Ah. Those models are around Asia especially in the Philippines, they are not paid to pose and we're not paid to take pictures :P
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All sorts of women can be found here, single mom, live-in, unmarried and 40's singles and MILF...omg MILF!

What do you do if you see your friends fighting? Cracking their heads and throwing punches to each other. Well that should be the case with some of my "friends" here in DA. You see I'm the type of person who wants to end every story that I started. My friend (a future deviant) told me that after accomplishing that 'plan', I can never walk alone anymore. They should be the first one to move.

I'm not a fan of American TV shows...people who watch this are so...americanize...some of them think America is great, Americans are beautiful and of course they prefer American brands...sheesh! I watch simpsons and south park actually they satirize American Life. Something worth watching?...Big Brother but IMO the first one is better.

Red Garden (22) is over...sonaa...Death note (21) is getting intro >>> crappy, jigoku shoujo futakomori 16...well ep 14 is the best ep for now. Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny...omg pantsu fighting scenes again, Code Geasse 21 don't have time to watch lots of pizza hut though, Negima?! 14 totally parallel story to the original. Bleach 119...still on ep 110.

Soon to watch:
Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
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Work is crap. I wake up everyday at 3AM then I'll be  home at 4pm and I don't have the energy to complete my activities here in DA and Youtube.

Wikipedia projects:
Rainbow Project
Time Travel

Youtube projects:
Camera Obscura
Mike Abundo Daioh

Anime Currently monitoring:
Death Note - 20
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori - 13
Red Garden - 18
Bleach - 118
Naruto Shipuuden - 5

Night Head Genesis
Ghost Hunt
Bartender (hehe sounds lame)

English-dubbed anime to complete:
Haibane Renmei
Ultra Maniac

US TV shows:
Southpark season 11
Simpsons season 18
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New schedule...More videos will be deleayed :( however I'll stick check out other deviations.
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Too many things to settle right now. I'll be back this MArch
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Laugh till you drop :)
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<a href="" Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is my first Digital Art way back 1995. The first one is L-Man or Lizard Man and Cash Chameleon.  This is supposed to be a game together with my barkada.
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